Testimonials from previous workshops

***** - Kevin C

‘‘It was a pleasure to collaborate recently with Samuel Scicluna during a workshop in Tuscany. His attention to detail, knowledge of the subject and patient disposition make him an ideal tutor and guide during such workshops. I can highly and wholeheartedly recommend him. ‘‘

***** - Thereza Z

‘‘I just got back from a 5-day photography workshop in Tuscany led by a very able Sam Scicluna! Great fun! Everything was worked out and planned seamlessly by Sam who made sure locations were beautiful and accessible by all. All levels of photography were catered for and taken care of. Any question was patiently answered by Sam. Definitely recommend Samuel Scicluna Photography and would love to join another workshop in the hopefully near future!

***** - Keith G

‘‘I was lucky enough to be able to attend Sam's workshop in Tuscany, I would definitely recommend his future workshops to anybody who loves photography and loves being in front of beautiful landscapes. Sam is down to earth and such a great guy to be around, he would be eager to help and answer any questions/queries we had during the workshop. Sam was even kind enough to meet us in Malta on location before we left to Tuscany to ensure we all had the right equipment and above all know how to use it. The workshop itself was carefully planned where he took us to iconic locations for sunrise/sunsets, also planned afternoon visits to different towns and to make it even all better, we even went wine tasting. A memorable experience that will not be forgotten, making new friends along the way, we were a great team. Would not hesitate to attend another workshop led by Sam, Top man!! well done Sam and thank you for a great experience :) ‘‘

***** - Joan G

‘‘Just been on a well-organized photography workshop in Tuscany led by Sam. The locations he chose were always beautiful and spectacular. It was well worth waking up at 4.30 am every day in order to take pictures of sunrise since we would normally need approximately one hour’s drive to the get to his chosen location. I really recommend it. ‘‘

***** - Kenneth C

‘‘Wow... I attended Sam’s Tuscan workshop and it was really well planned and super organized.. I learnt a lot about photography thanks to his guidance and individual attention. Sam also made sure we all felt comfortable and welcome and what started out as a group of 8 strangers, ended as 8 friends that share a passion for photography. ‘‘

***** - Andrea M

‘I was part of Sam's recent workshop in the Italian Dolomites. It was a superb experience. I gained valuable knowledge about photography, especially on shot composition and on how to make use of ‘Manual’ mode. Being so close to nature, and able to enjoy the lovely scenery, made it a holiday in itself. It was also an opportunity to make new lifelong friends. Sam is a great guy. He was continuously sharing his vast knowledge on photography with us, apart from being always eager to answer any of our queries. He also provided us with detailed information prior to the trip, in order for us to be well prepared for the workshop. The workshop was evidently intricately planned in order for us to get the most out of the trip. I look forward to see what workshops he is planning in the future, as I would definitely be interested in joining him on another trip. Finally, I highly recommend Sam’s workshops to anyone with an interest in photography.’

***** - Edward SF

‘I’d highly recommend Sam’s workshop in the Italian Dolomites to anyone interested in landscape photography.

The entire workshop was intensive, structured and prepared to an impressive level of detail. Sam also invested time prior to the workshop to ensure we were prepared for this trip which I much appreciated its value during the trip. During each workshop Sam was available to guide participants as necessary be it composition, critique, use of equipment or general discussions on landscape photography. He is also a person open to suggestions and ideas making him very approachable and I would consider joining him for another workshop in the future.’

***** - Stefan C

‘I joined Sam on the recent Italian Dolomites workshop. It all augured well, way before we actually embarked on the trip. Sam provided detailed lodging and accommodation info, gearing up recommendations and also organized a series of live shooting sessions locally, prior to the trip itself. Sam never hesitated to share his evidently vast landscape photography experience, with any of the participants. The workshop afforded plenty of personal attention because of the contained number of participants coupled with the organizer's disposition. I trust that this will not be my last workshop with Sam. Highly recommended to anyone interested in furthering his photographic skills.’